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Best Screen Printing Ink

Screen printing t-shirts is a unique process that takes many steps from start to the finished product. The brand of the screen-printing inks has a huge part the success of the overall print. For example, the screen printing ink types water-based inks, plastisol inks, and discharge ink. WM Plastics & Triangle ink both offer a wide range of plastisol inks in many series to provide the type of printing needed depending upon the different garments.

All-Purpose Plastisol Inks

(AP Inks) are just what the name means, these inks have no bleed resistance for die migration, no stretch additives, and generally no thick opacity. Great for 100% cotton shirts or as a color on top of a white backer on a dark color garment.

High Opacity Plastisol Screen Printing Inks

(HO Inks) have a high thickness in their overall print when applied. This series has a thicker, more opaque coverage to provide a better barrier when needed. For example, on 50/50 garments.

Low Bleed Plastisol Printing Inks

(LB Inks) are getting a bit higher in price but you are now paying for a high-quality plastisol screen print ink. This series has bleed resistors that help the prevention of die-migration from the garment when the heat of the dry goes through the ink. Most low bleed plastisol inks have a lower cure temperature that also help from the die-migration process. WM Plastics low bleed screen printing inks cure temperature is 260 degrees which is ideal for 100% polyester garments.

Low Cure Printing Inks

(LC Inks) is an even better-quality printing ink that cures at 230 degrees. The low cure series is not for every application as the price is the highest out of all the printing inks.  Benefits of this ink is the super low temperature at which the ink cures at, as well as the abundance of stretch capability already mixed in the ink. This series is best used on 100% polyester garments that are known to have a high die-migration issue.

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