Screen Emulsion

Best Emulsion for Screen Printing

Buckets of Ink stocks a variety of silk screen emulsion products each emulsion offers a different range of tolerance control of image quality and ink deposit thickness. 



Emulsion Tip: When mixing emulsion, be sure to handle and mix in a light-safe environment, or it may become unusable. Screen emulsions need to be stored, mixed, and handled; emulsion can last up to three months.


Photo Emulsion Kit for Screen Printing

Ulano's unique pre-sensitized hybrid emulsions, QX-1, QX-3 QX-5 deliver the durability and excellent imaging properties of dual-cure technology with the ready-to-use convenience, fast exposure speed, and extended pot life of pure photopolymer (SBQ) emulsions.

Ulano offers some of the best emulsion for water-based inks. These emulsions coat smooth when applying emulsion to screen, have great exposure times, and have lasting durability when printing.


Emulsion for Screen Printing Near Me.


Finding a screen-printing supply store near you is not only a must have. Buckets of Ink offer its screen-printing supply services everywhere; we not only offer supplies in our local area, but we ship out the same day to everywhere else.


Screen Printing Emulsion

Emulsion plays the biggest key role in the outcome of a great screen print, especially when it comes to applying emulsion to screenFor example, selecting the correct type of emulsion for the ink that is being squeegeed through the screen. Next is the thickness of the coated emulsion on the screen and this can also be affected by the screen mesh count, using the rounded side or sharper side of the emulsion coater, and how many passes you coat each side.

Once the screen is coated using these factors of emulsion and mesh counts, you are ready to burn or expose the screen using an LED screen  printing exposure unit. Setting the correct optimal exposure time can get the best results in exposing every bit of detail need for the ink to product the finest print.

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