E-Zee Specialty

E-Zee Specialty

Embroidery Stabilizer

Embroidery specialty backings: E-Zee Cut® Extra Stable 2.5 ounce, E-Zee Stick-On 1.5 ounce, E-Zee, Tear® Waffle Just Right 1.8 oz., E-Zee Flame Resistant Weblon Mesh 1.6 oz., Badgemaster® 80 micron suited for every type of embroidery application.

Embroidery Stable Backings

  • E-Zee Specialty


  • E-Zee Appliqué

  • Badgemaster®

  • E-Zee Cut® Extra Stable Pre-Cut White

  • E-Zee Cut® Extra Stable Pre-Cut Black

  • E-Zee Cut® Extra Stable Rolls White

  • E-Zee Cut® Extra Stable Rolls Black

  • E-Zee Tear® Stick-On 1.5oz Pre-Cut

  • E-Zee Tear® Stick-On 1.5oz Rolls

  • E-Zee Tear® Waffle Just Right 1.8oz Rolls

  • E-Zee Tear® Waffle Just Right 1.8oz Pre-Cut

  • E-Zee Flame Resistant Weblon Mesh 1.6oz Pre-Cut

  • E-Zee Flame Resistant Weblon Mesh 1.6oz Rolls

  • 57-13-25 E-ZEE APPLIQUE MAGIC Thumbnail
    13.33 in x 25 yd
  • 2200 APPLIQUE SEALING IRON Thumbnail
    One Size

E-Zee Cut® Extra Stable 2.5 ounce is a medium weight, Cut Away stabilizer. It is a low profile backing with grids within the core to provide extra stability without the extra bulk of a lofty backing. The softness of this backing makes it ideal for us on garments that will be worn against sensitive skin. Use for high stitch count designs with medium to heavy weight fabrics. Cut Away backings should be used for unstable and knit fabrics.
Available in white and black.


E-Zee Stick-On 1.5 ounce backing is a tear away embroidery backing with a release paper on one side. Coated with 2 mil of adhesive. Use for hard to hoop or small items such as pockets, socks, cuffs, belts and collars. Use when hoop burns are a concern such as with velour or brushed corduroy. Use for very stretch fabrics like bicycle shorts and swim wear. Also used with Fast Frames.


E-Zee Tear® Waffle Just Right 1.8 oz. is a medium weight, Tear Away stabilizer. It is ultra soft and has perforations that allow it to be torn away easily without adding stress to the design or fabric. E-Zee Tear Waffle Just Right Embroidery Backing ideal for light weight woven and knit fabrics and delicate designs.
Note: Made of Polypropylene. Use low to medium iron only. 


E-Zee Flame Resistant Weblon Mesh 1.6 oz. is made of polyester fibers and is Children's Sleepwear (Fabric Testing) -16 CFR Part 1615 & 1616 certified. This soft, mesh Cut Away stabilizer is great for infant and children's wear. Use when flame resistance is required for safety. To complete your flame resistant embroidery, use Madeira’s Fire Fighter embroidery thread and Fire Fighter embroidery bobbins. E-Zee Flame Resistant Weblon Mesh Embroidery Backing


Badgemaster® 80 micron is a heavy weight, water soluble embroidery stabilizer that dissolves completely in warm water. Embroidery is done directly on the material for lace, badges and heirloom embroidery. It  can also be used as a stabilizer for cutwork embroidery.

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