LC/LB Poly Inks

LC/LB Poly Inks

Top 5 Considerations When Printing on Polyester

  1. One of the main problems with printing on polyester is that the dye in the fabric can bleed into your printed design, caused by dye migration.
  2. High heat is a serious concern for polyester. It not only triggers dye migration but can also lead to fabric puckering or even melting, causing irreversible damage.
  3. If you are printing multiple colors and need to use a flash in between printing each, a recommended solution is pre-flashing the fabric. This involves applying a brief burst of heat to the fabric before the next color is printed, which helps to set the previous color and prevent bleeding.
  4. When printing multiple colors on polyester, don’t forget that if you use an under base and a poly white that cures at a lower temperature, you also should use colors that cure at a lower temperature.
  5. Conduct a wash test before starting total production

How to chose the right ink for your screen prints

Use: WM Plastics Low-Bleed / Low-Temp Inks LC Series Cures at 230 Degrees to help solve these issues when printing 100% polyester garments.

  • Low Cure / Low Temp Poly Inks Quarts

  • Low Cure / Low Temp Poly Inks Gallons

  • Low Cure / Low Temp Poly Inks 5 Gallon

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