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Direct to Film DTF Printers with Powder Shaker

High quality flexible digital transfer machine DTF Printer that prints directly on a film that is then processed automatically through a flexible glue powder shaker, removes access powder, quartz flashing that cures the powder to the ink. This process prints the roll from the back of the Cobra Flex DTG all the way through the powder shaker finalizing to re-roll at the end of the machine ready to heat transfer. Looking to step up your game? This is how to do printed T-shirt transfers at it finest. DTF equipment is new to the industry and can provide a faster and more cost-effective way to print multicolor on garments; but just applying a heat transfer. DTF printers attached with a DTF powder shaker makes this process even more efficient, especially when the print and complete roll to roll. This efficiency makes full on production from start to finish in about 3 minutes.   

Converting your Epson printer to DTF printing take a few steps and can bring new life to the outdated performance of doing DTG Direct to Garment printing. By converting your old machine to DTF Direct to Film printing you now are printing on a very flat substrate CobraFlex Printer DTF film which allow you to not have to pre-treat anymore, which sound great to all DTG printers. Having this new process with this new DTG conversion has its limits. Eventually you will be faced with these issues that you are going to want to advance from. First you are having sheet/print size limits, hand feeling sheets of film, hand dipping each sheet into the DTF powder, heating up each sheet one at a time, and finally production time to be capable to do large runs one at a time. There is a solution already Cobra Flex Flexible Transfer Printer or DTF Printer. This new DTF machine prints from a roll of DTF film on the back of the printer to throughout the powder shaker into the heating elements to the cooling fans and finally to automatically re-rolling back up to a roll pick-up feed at the end of the DTF machine. See our DTF video bellow on how to DTF print.

DTF Printers with Powder Shaker

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